One of many wholesale business cards purchased for networking.

The best sites to buy wholesale business cards

Despite being overused in networking events, business cards are a fairly important part of getting a job. They’re what remain after you’ve and met with prospects and hiring managers. Those professionals meet a dozen people per week (if not more), so business cards will put you a step above the competition and stay top-of-mind while other candidates fade out of memory. These are the best places to buy wholesale business cards online with your own custom designs.

Think about what suits your personal brand and the industry in which you want to work as you check out these online stores:

  • If you’re attending many events and casting a wide net, then buying cheaper cards in bulk is probably the way to go.
  • If you’re interviewing and networking in a small or upscale industry, then high-end business cards could serve you better.
  • “Fun” industries like marketing, design, and real estate could benefit from swanky business cards and eye-catching designs.



VistaPrint creates an overwhelming range of custom printable products, but business cards are far and away their most well-known offering. I myself have ordered from them several times and have yet to be disappointed.

Wholesale business cards on the VistaPrint website.

Google Review Rating: 4.0/5

Custom design editor: Yes

Main pricing tiers:

Upgrade and alternative options:

  • Rounded corners
  • Square-shaped cards
  • Foil accent
  • Embossed gloss
  • Pearl
  • Ultra thick (32 pt paper)
  • Soft touch
  • Premium plus
  • Linen
  • Natural textured
  • Uncoated
  • Triple color layer (three layers of paper)
  • Kraft (90% recycled)
  • Colored paper
  • Recycled matte
  • Glossy
  • Matte (regular)

Vistaprint’s unique offering

VistaPrint is all about economies of scale to give you low prices balanced with an impressively wide variety of options (and a decent online editor). High-end options are still available, but this distributor of wholesale business cards really shines with baseline offers of 100 cards for $15. I’ve also taken advantage of offers for 250+ business cards for $25.

It’s the ideal brand for young professionals just looking to get some business cards quickly for upcoming networking events. It’s online design editor isn’t on par with dedicated design programs, but it gets the job done with some decent designs and the ability to upload your own images. You could totally design something in Canva, save the design, and upload it to VistaPrint’s design editor to get your business cards to look just the way you want.



PsPrint is all about expediency. If you need relatively affordable business cards right now and you don’t want to spend an hour fiddling with a design editor, then this is the website for you.

The PsPrint website selling printable merchandise.

Google Review Rating: N/A

Custom design editor: No

Main pricing tiers:

  • Standard (one-sided): 250 cards for $41.84
  • Standard (two-sided): 250 cards for $52.30

All cards come with options for one-sided or two-sided designs.

Upgrade and alternative options:

  • 14 pt. C2S gloss cover
  • 13 pt. Matte cover
  • 16 pt. C2S gloss cover
  • 15 pt. Velvet cover
  • 15 pt. Velvet with soft-touch
  • 100 lb. brilliant white linen cover
  • 100 lb. natural white linen cover
  • ⅛” rounded corners
  • UV coating
  • Slim paper size (3.5”x1”)
  • Mini square size (2”x2”)
  • Jumbo square size (3.5”x3.5”)

PsPrint’s unique offering

PsPrint isn’t the cheapest or the most high-end distributor of wholesale business cards. It specializes in a quick plug-and-play order experience, giving you modest customization options and decent prices as quickly as possible. It doesn’t let you design the cards as much as Moo or even VistaPrint, but you can still choose from the pre-existing designs or upload your own (handy if you have a freelance brand!). PsPrint also has sales pretty regularly, like the “60% off” promotion in the screenshot.


Costco Wholesale Business Printing

What better brand to sell something in bulk than Costco? It has a division dedicated to business printing that delivers some of the best bulk pricing that you’re likely to find. You find more savings as you order more, although you probably won’t need more than 500 for a long time. Still, the savings are pretty amazing here.

Wholesale business cards displayed on the Costco Business Printing website.

 Google Review Rating: 4.4/5

Custom design editor: Sort of

Main pricing tiers:

  • 500 cards for $22
  • 1,000 cards for $35
  • 1,500 cards for $50
  • 2,000 cards for $60
  • 2,500 cards for $70

Costco’s unique offering

Costco’s printing division offers some of the most on-point services for wholesale business cards in this entire list. These cards don’t push high-quality paper textures or many customization options, but you sure do get a lot of them for a great price. They also have plenty of preset designs for a decently wide range of organizations, including:

  • Entertainment and design companies
  • Civic and political organizations
  • Child care and educational institutions
  • Health and wellness groups
  • Tradespeople and manufacturing groups
  • Mortgage and real estate teams
  • Restaurants and retail organizations
  • Professional services



Hotcards wants to make printing easier, faster, and more stylish than what’s been available on the market so far. It serves businesses primarily (more opportunities exist in printing many things, not just cards), but it’s a decent provider of wholesale business cards with modern plug-and-play designs. It’s also handy for ordering branded swag if you want to promote a freelance brand!

Hotcards' online storefront.

Google Review Rating: 4.6/5

Custom design editor: Yes

Main pricing tiers:

  • Standard (one-sided): 100 cards for $9
  • Standard (two-sided): $11.75
  • Promotion: 500 cards for $10

Upgrade and alternative options:

  • Order in quantities between 250 – 10,000 cards
  • Rounded corners
  • Custom die cutting
  • Writable uncoated 12 pt stock
  • Premium 16 pt stock
  • Vertical cards (2”x3.5”)
  • Luxury silk cards
  • Die cut cards
  • Spot UV cards
  • Foil cards
  • Kraft cards
  • Ultra thick cards
  • Circle cards
  • Soft touch cards
  • Pearl cards
  • Suede cards
  • Uncoated cards

Unique types of business cards:

  • Appointment cards (blank appointment slots on one side)
  • Mini cards
  • Foldover cards (to stand up)


Hotcards’ unique offering

Hotcards is pretty similar to VistaPrint at first glance, but it actually specializes in pursuing small and medium businesses rather than individual consumers. However, the company stays on this list because they have some great deals on wholesale business cards that other websites don’t always offer. As of writing, Hotcards currently offers 500 cards for $10, which is a fantastic deal for an individual job seeker as much as for a business owner. That’s more cards for less money than I’ve ever seen—even from Costco or VistaPrint, at that quantity.



Moo offers business cards in a more premium fashion. Think of it like the Apple of the business card niche. You don’t get a ton of cards in bulk for their prices (so they’re not really “wholesalers,” but the card designs leave a powerful impression. That’s handy when you’re trying to impress a small group of hiring managers or break into a fairly upscale industry.

Moo's online store for business cards.

Google Review Rating: N/A

Custom design editor: Yes

Main pricing tiers:

  • Original: 50 cards for $20
  • Cotton: 50 cards for $27
  • Super: 50 cards for $27
  • Luxe: 50 cards for $35

Upgrade and alternative options:

  • Moo sized cards (3.3”x2.16”): 50 for $20
  • Square cards (2.56″ x 2.56″): 50 cards for $23
  • Mini cards (2.75″ x 1.1″): 100 cards for $20

Special finishes:

  • Gold foil finish: 50 cards for $42
  • Silver foil finish: 50 cards for $42
  • Raised spot glass finish: 50 cards for $42
  • Spot glass: 50 cards for $42
  • Letterpress finish: 50 cards for $60

Moo’s unique offering

Moo occupies the premium end of the spectrum, so it’s not strictly a distributor of wholesale business cards. It’s still worth including because the industry you want to join might tend to look more favorably on high-end cards as a mark of success (or commitment to success, anyway). For example, Moo’s plastic cards might be better received in the tech industry, in which many companies strive for a high-end brand and chase after capital investments regularly.


Between those 5 options you’ll be able to find a great price on wholesale business cards, if not a promotional sale with even lower prices. Bring your business cards everywhere you go and keep a few in your wallet (just in case). Happy hunting!

Andrew Webb

Andrew Webb

Andrew Webb is on a mission to show liberal arts graduates how to land jobs and build careers. He turned a history degree into a fulfilling career in digital marketing and UX, then founded Employed Historian to show others how to do it for themselves, too.

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