About the Employed Historian

“A history degree? What can you do with that?”

This question haunted me as I worked throughout college, and for several years after.

My name’s Andrew, and I have a solution for that lump in your throat.


After my first job out of college I went through a horrible unemployment period for 9 months.


Application tracking systems filtered me out 90% of the time.


Companies didn’t want to hear from “just another guy with a history degree.”


I couldn’t develop experience without a job, but I couldn’t get a job without experience.


Hiring managers could practically smell my desperation a mile away.

I went through hundreds of rejections. It was a seriously dark chapter of my life, and, after nearly a year, I’d actually given up inside.

A digital marketing agency did hire me eventually, though. My managers and the owner told me why they hired me—and that’s when it all clicked.

Hindsight is 20/20, right?

The process became clear to me. It wasn’t about how many applications I filled out. It wasn’t just a “numbers game,” either. It was about creating my own work experience and marketing myself at a higher level.

It was about starting my career without waiting for anyone’s permission.

Turns out I’d only done that by accident, but as time went on I refined that process and got a job that now pays me double what my second one did.

So what?

The Employed Historian is all about nailing that process from your first day after graduation.

This website will teach you that process, including:


Writing a killer resume and LinkedIn profile.


Building work experience when no one will hire you.


Networking like a pro and interviewing like a consultant.


Navigating office politics and spotting career frenemies.

The process works, and it’s helped me get an even better job with twice the pay since pulling myself out of unemployment. Recruiters still reach out to me to apply for other jobs because of it.

I put together a 7-step road map to take you from zero experience to a top job candidate complete with a portfolio, a website, and an interview methodology that turns the power dynamic on its head.

You can break out of the unemployment cycle and build all of that for yourself, too.

It’s my sincere hope that you discover the value in your background to build the professional life you want

– Andrew

Discover the real (and employable) value of your liberal arts or humanities degree.

Raise your career game.