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Where to find history degree jobs in New York

It’s not easy to build your early career with a humanities degree. It’s even harder to find history degree jobs in New York specifically, where the cost of living is sky-high and the competition is fierce.

That’s why I made this list. Instead of only looking at recommended jobs on Indeed and LinkedIn, you can skip right to the career pages for all of these employers that hire people with your skill set.


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Local employers offering history degree jobs in New York

These are the most prominent employers of history graduates in New York. They post open positions on popular job boards too, but this list will tell you where to look before you need to submit an application.



Here’s how to use this list:

  1. Click on their names to go straight to their career pages
  2. Find their list of jobs. Usually this is on the same page but sometimes you need to click through to an externally hosted job board.
  3. Scope out the company to get a sense of their values before applying. Take notes for your cover letter.
  4. Apply to the jobs you want!


Happy hunting!

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Schools hire history grads, too

There are also quite a few schools in need of employees. Even if you don’t have a formal background in education, this industry still offers some history degree jobs in New York for the taking. Think of roles like administration, public relations, or even tutoring.

Check out these schools in the area:


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Search for remote jobs in New York, too

You don’t necessarily need to land a job with one of those organizations. You can also find roles that make use of all the transferable skills from a history degree.

Use these job boards to find remote opportunities, too.


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Connect with local employers in New York

It’s one thing to apply for a job, but it’s quite another to apply with an inside connection. Follow these steps to build a relationship with these employers. It’ll increase your chances of finding history degree jobs in New York, and you might even get an advance notice to apply if you’re on good terms with them!



The steps are easy but may take a day or two to set up.

  1. Follow these companies on LinkedIn and Indeed for regular notifications.
  2. Follow the hiring managers on LinkedIn (and Twitter if you can find them).
  3. Engage with the company pages and hiring managers where you follow them.
  4. Set up Google Alerts for these organizations to stay updated on their developments without putting in much effort (this is great for cover letters and interviews).

Do this and you’ll increase your chances of landing a job by a significant margin. Quality beats quantity! Put in the effort to prepare for these organizations now and you’ll be well positioned to join one of them when an opportunity comes around.

Good luck!

Andrew Webb

Andrew Webb

Andrew Webb is on a mission to teach liberal arts and humanities graduates to build the successful careers they deserve. After earning a bachelor's and a master's degree in history, he became a digital marketer and joined one of the most successful tech companies in the world. He started the Employed Historian blog at employedhistorian.com.

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